Special Plastic Emulsion

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Decor your interiors elegantly with carefully formulated Happilac Plastic Emulsion.


Please note that due to several factors - including your monitor's brightness, contrast, and colour depth - the colours shown on the screen may differ from those physically applied.

Décor your interiors elegantly with carefully formulated Happilac Plastic Emulsion. Its delicate Matt finish infuses your mind letting you experience something picture-perfect. It’s acrylic-based binder gives your wall long-lasting coating and exquisite look while retaining the excellent eco-friendly nature. It is a blend of perfection, style, and charisma. Get your place updated with Happilac Special Plastic Emulsion.

  • Excellent Durability and performance
  • 100% Acrylic based binder
  • Long-lasting and high color fastness
  • Enriched with appealing perfume

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Drumi (16 Ltr), Gallon (4 Ltr), Quarter (1 Ltr)


Apple Green (2049), Apple White (2005), Apricot Tone (2068), Apricot White (2037), Ash White (2003), Blue Line (2047), Bluebell White (2006), Candy Pink (2013), Cherry (2048), Cherry Blossom (2063), Classic Off White (2034), Cockleshell (2015), Crayon (2070), Cream (2026), Ferozi (2042), Fresh Orange (2035), Graynite Rock (2071), Grey Blue (2028), Grey Mist (2027), Honey Dew (2016), Lace (2043), Light Blue (2031), Lily White (2002), Lime Juice (2023), Lime Twist (2045), Manila Tan (2065), Moon Flower (2012), Night Magic (2054), Off White (2025), Pale Orchid (2019), Papaya (2061), Patina (2009), Peach Goddess (2064), Pinefrost (2033), Rose Mist (2010), Rose Velvet (2057), Rose White (2001), Salmon (2053), Soft Peach (2008), Spice (2018), Spring Leaf (2024), Stone (2017), Terracotta (2046), Tile Red (2014), Zephyr (2011)


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