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Looking for perfect paint for your walls? We at Happilac Paints have developed a wide range of Architectural paints & industrial coatings that support our consumers in their journey to create beautiful spaces and help them bring their creativity to life. Each of our products is designed considering the needs of consumers and we make sure that we provide top-notch quality to create that lasting happiness.

Architectural Paints

We offer a diverse product range under this category. From beautiful shades for the interiors of your home to striking color options with weather protection for the exteriors, we have got it all covered. Besides decorative paints, we have Industrial coatings, ancillaries, texture finishes and wood protect series covered in this division.



In addition to our household decorative paints, Happilac Paints has a wide range of industrial coatings and paint systems that cater to the specific needs of various industrial sectors. Our comprehensive industrial product range includes; Industrial Synthetic Enamels, Primers, Undercoats, Epoxy Coating Systems (Solvent-based & Solvent-free) for Metals & Industrial Floorings, Chlorinated Rubber Paints, Interior & Exterior Paints for Boilers, Special Heat Resistant Paints (Resisting heat up to 1200 ºF), Hammer Finishes, Road Safety Products, and Wood Finishes.

We also provide technical assistance to our prestigious Industrial clients and ensure that high-quality products are delivered on a constant basis. We also cater to their ever-evolving requirements by providing the best services through R&D to develop cost-effective paint systems to meet their competitive needs. To further enhance the consumer experience, a professional-client service team is available round the clock to facilitate client queries and process orders in the most effective and efficient manner.

industrial coating

ROAD Marking Paints

A wide range of materials are applied on the road surface to augment the performance of the vehicles and deliver a better road experience. Our products are fully functional during the day and night time. While maintaining a color contrast with the road our markings deliver a high luminance by day, at night the same functionality is achieved by the reflective glass beads in our marking materials which help the users to maintain traffic decorum throughout the day.

Another unique aspect of our products is the anti-skid characteristic which allows the driver to stay in total control of the vehicle may it be a cycle lane, larger road markings or even the pedestrian area.

How to Choose


There are times when you don’t understand which color to choose to paint your room. With Happilac, we have made things a lot easier for you. You can choose the colors from a wide range of products offering distinct features.