Happilac is committed to encouraging other companies in the industry to be more aware of the impact of their business on the rest of society, including their own stakeholders and the environment.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a socio-economic approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social, and environmental benefits for all stakeholders & the society they’re a part of. It enables us to think broadly and develop a vision for a better and more promising future for our coming generations. Happilac is an active participant in such endeavors and plays its part in promoting a business culture where corporate social responsibility becomes a norm for the entire industry.



Happilac has always played its role as a socially responsible organization. This is precisely why our focus has always remained as equally on the society & environment we are a part of, as it is on our business growth.

Our passion has encouraged us to take part in numerous Government Beautification Projects, be it through product use or monetary assistance, Happilac has offered it all. Being true patriots at heart, we always celebrate all the national days in full spirit. The Independence Day in 2017 was spent by us in Bali Memorial Trust where we took our colors to celebrate with the serving orphans.