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Mastering Exterior House Wall Paint:

Tips for Cold Weather Success with Happilac Weatherguard Paint


Winter season is here and painting in the cold weather can be a challenge but fret not Happilac is here to provide you with tips regarding your paint application and maintenance.

Choose The Right Paint:

Selection of the appropriate paint for the exterior walls of your home is essential. We recommend you to try our Premium Weatherguard paint. Our Paint is designed to withstand severe weather conditions and is has excellent resistances against chemical fumes and abrasion. We have about 50+ colors for you to select from.

Surface Preparation:

This is the most important step when it comes to painting, usually people rush through this process which doesn’t give the desired result. Make sure the surface is properly cleaned and if there are any cracks and holes in the walls, they are filled with appropriate fillers which make the surface smooth.

Use Primer for The Longevity of Paint:

Primers improve the durability of the paint. We highly recommend you to use the Happilac Weatherguard Exterior Wall Primer, Pairing the Weatherguard Primer and Paint together will give you the results you desired.


Dividing the tasks into segments:

Dividing the area of the walls into segments will allow you to maintain a consistent finish.

Adequate Drying Time:

The task of painting the walls in cold weather may prove to be daunting as it slows down the drying process. But make sure to provide proper curing time which is important to get best end results.

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