Happilac campaigns against illiteracy, for a better cause

To create learning opportunities for underprivileged members and make them look forward to a better future, by empowering educated individuals of the society.

In April 2018, Happilac Paints launched the Happilac WipeOut Illiteracy Campaign, spearheaded by renowned former cricketer & acclaimed celebrity, Shahid Afridi. The aim of this campaign is to not only spread awareness about illiteracy but to take steps towards achieving a far more enlightened Pakistan. With nearly half the country’s population not meeting the minimum requirements to be classified as literate, it is imperative that steps be taken to counter this prevalent predicament that the nation faces. Therefore, Happilac launched this campaign to begin the process of imparting basic education and civic sense to the country’s unschooled, regardless of age & gender.

To achieve this goal, Happilac has taken a multipronged approach. First & foremost, an easy-to-learn coursebook was developed by Happilac with the help of educational consultants. Meant for all ages, this ‘Asaan Kitaab’ teaches basic literacy skills that the students can use and benefit from in their daily lives. An easy-to-teach teachers’ guidebook was also developed for those who’ll be teaching students this ‘Asaan Kitaab’. The teachers’ guidebook was designed such that a daily 30-minute lesson would allow for a comprehensive 30-day course to be completed. During the execution of the campaign, a number of activations & awareness drives were rolled out across all major cities of Pakistan. Floats were mobilized and kiosks were set up to reach members of the public who were interested in learning, as well as those that were interested in teaching. Simultaneously, Happilac’s WipeOut Illiteracy campaign television commercial was aired to spread awareness amongst the masses. Aside from Shahid Afridi, Happilac then invited members of the public, including those of the business community and celebrities from all walks of life, to join hands with us and play their part in helping achieve Happilac’s goal. This could be done by identifying people around them who could benefit from these lessons, and either teaching them directly or directing them towards someone who is willing to teach. Happilac provided a ‘Call for Action’ helpline to order the coursebooks and for any further inquiries or assistance regarding the campaign.

Finally, for even greater support and financing of the initiative, Happilac Paints announced an ongoing promotion whereby on every purchase of Happilac WipeOut, Rs. 100 of each drum, Rs. 25 of each gallon, and Rs. 10 of every quarter are contributed towards the Happilac WipeOut Illiteracy Campaign. These funds are being utilized to refurbish and paint schools that are in dilapidated condition and to assist other individuals who are also working on similar charitable endeavors.

The Happilac WipeOut Illiteracy Campaign has been very well received. The efforts made towards this cause have been greatly appreciated by our corporate brand ambassador, Shahid Afridi, and other celebrities involved, as well as members of the media & the business community.

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