Keeping up to our brand promise, Happilac Paints takes yet another step toward innovation by introducing the European Transport Route safety Products and Equipment in Pakistan. With state-of-the-art machinery, superior road marking paints and services, we strive to contribute towards better, safer, and improved Pakistan

ROAD Marking Paints

A wide range of materials are applied on the road surface to augment the performance of the vehicles and deliver a better road experience. Our products are fully functional during the day and night time. While maintaining a color contrast with the road our markings deliver a high luminance by day, at night the same functionality is achieved by the reflective glass beads in our marking materials which help the users to maintain traffic decorum throughout the day.

Another unique aspect of our products is the anti-skid characteristic which allows the driver to stay in total control of the vehicle may it be a cycle lane, larger road markings, or even the pedestrian area.