Happilac Thermoplastic Road Marking Paint

Happilac Thermoplastic Road Marking paint is a premium product for road marking. It is hot melt road marking paint, a kind of powder paint which consists of light colored aggregates, pigments, extenders, and glass beads bound together with a thermoplastic resin, plasticized as necessary. When in molten state after heating, it is applied hot to road surfaces using screed or extrusion application. This product is manufactured according to British Standard specifications BS 3262.

Specialized Product

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Happilac Thermoplastic Road Marking paint is made of highly reflective materials, which makes it a lot easier to see even in bad weather or any situation where visibility is poor. Apart from this, it helps in raising the awareness of approaching danger spots and tells drivers to keep proper control in their speed.


  • High performance (Day and Night)
  • High durability, reflectivity, visibility and good color stability
  • Best adhesion on asphalt and concrete by heat fusion
  • Outstanding retention of Glass Beads
  • High heat stability and highly washable
  • High reflective properties
  • High Skid Resistant

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