Happilac Solvent Free Floor Epoxy

Quarter Quantity: 1, Liters
PKR 358.00
Gallon Quantity: 4, Liters
PKR 1225.00
Drumi Quantity: 16, Liters
PKR 4620.00


Happilac Solvent Free Epoxy is a two component system which makes much durable and high performance epoxy floor.
  • Self Leveling
  • Fast Walk-dry time
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance

Happilac Solvent Free Epoxy is a two-component system that makes a much more durable and high-performance epoxy floor. It is designed to combat erosion, corrosion, chemical attacks, and other detrimental outcomes. It forms a hard and tough film, having good wetting properties. It offers high mechanical strength and cures to a semi-glossy smooth surface. It is a self-smoothing, easy-to-apply product, leaving a seamless surface. It can be applied directly in two coats or on approved primers depending on the conditions of the concrete substrate.


Mix Component A & Component B in the recommended ratio. Thorough care should be taken that excess air bubbles should not form. Give an indication period of 10-15 minutes prior to application. A normal brush of a roller may be used for difficult shapes or touch-ups, however additional coats may be required to achieve the recommended film thickness. The method of application is recommended for stripe coating welds, edges, rivets, etc.

Health and Safety

  • When applying paint, wear appropriate eye protection.
  • In case of eye contact with the product, rinse with plenty of water for at least 10 minutes.
  • Don’t breathe spray mist or dust.
  • Ensure proper ventilation when applying paint.
  • If swallowed, it may cause serious damage.
  • When empty, don’t use its container for edible storage.
  • Place out of reach of the children.
  • Pregnant women are advised to avoid breathing paint mist or spray.
  • In case of any emergency, undergo medical supervision as soon as possible.

WARNING: Scraping/sanding off previously painted surfaces may release lead dust or fumes. Lead is highly toxic; take protective measures thoroughly when rubbing off old surfaces.


  • It is not recommended for surfaces known to suffer from rising dampness.
  • Pot life is small.
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