Happilac Road Liner Thinner

Quarter Quantity: 1, Liters
PKR 358.00
Gallon Quantity: 4, Liters
PKR 1225.00
Drumi Quantity: 16, Liters
PKR 4620.00


Happilac Road Liner Thinner is a high quality thinner for multi purposes. It can be dissolved in all types of general paints like N/C Synthetic, C/R Epoxy, etc.
  • Retains original paint properties
  • Fast evaporation rate
  • Highly miscible with other common aromatic solvents
  • Good flow and thinning properties
  • Colorless

Happilac Road Liner Thinner is high quality paint thinner which is designed to improve the flow of Happilac Chlorinated Rubber Road Liner Paint material. It can also be used as cleaner for pumps and tools before and after painting. Happilac Road Liner Thinner is a blend of solvents, formulated to maintain the original system balance when added to the correct coating type.


Start mixing the Road Liner Thinner in the paint from the minimum quantity and add slowly while stirring. Do not over-thin the paint and close the container after use.

Health and Safety

  • When applying paint, wear appropriate eye protection.
  • In case of eye contact with the product, rinse with plenty of water for at least 10 minutes.
  • Don’t breathe spray mist or dust.
  • Ensure proper ventilation when applying paint.
  • If swallowed, it may cause serious damage.
  • When empty, don’t use its container for edible storage.
  • Keep out of reach of the children.
  • Pregnant women are advised to avoid breathing paint mist or spray.
  • In case of any emergency, undergo medical supervision as soon as possible.

WARNING: Scraping/sanding off previously painted surfaces may release lead dust or fumes. Lead is highly toxic; take protective measures thoroughly when rubbing off the old surfaces.


  • Drying time may vary depending on weather and drying conditions.
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