Hi-Aqua Seal WR-66

Quarter Quantity: 1, Liters
PKR 358.00
Gallon Quantity: 4, Liters
PKR 1225.00
Drumi Quantity: 16, Liters
PKR 4620.00


Happilac Hi-Seal WP-44 is a two component elastomeric polymer modified cementitious coating that provides a hard wearing, seamless, waterproof membrane for roofs, resurface concretes, masonry surfaces, foundation protection and most other constructed areas.
  • Good water repellency to masonry surfaces
  • Easy to apply and ready to use
  • Deep penetration and improved aesthetics
  • Long term effectiveness over 5-10 days

Happilac Hi-Aqua Seal WR-66 is a water-based masonry water repellent that penetrates deep inside the pores of substrates and forms a resin coating by reacting with atmospheric carbon dioxide. The methyl silicon resin thus formed impregnates the substrate providing water repellency without altering the appearance and retaining the breathability of the substrate.


Saturate the concrete surface with clean water; apply the first coat while the surface is still damp but free-standing water. Apply using a short still bristle brush or roller at a minimum of 0.5-1mm per coat. Leave to dry for 2-4 hours. The second coat can be rubbed down with a soft dry sponge. Spray or trowel application is acceptable providing the mixing ratio is adjusted to achieve the right consistency.

Health and Safety

  • Hi-Aqua WR-66 is an alkaline material
  • In an enclosed area, provide ventilation
  • Treat splashes to eyes and skin immediately for at least 15 minutes and obtain prompt medical attention
  • For detailed information on health and safety hazards and precautions for use of this product,┬árefer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

CAUTION: Scraping/sanding off previously painted surfaces may release lead dust or fumes. Lead is highly toxic; take protective measures thoroughly when rubbing off the old surfaces.


  • This product is not recommended for surfaces subjected to hydrostatic pressure
  • Store the product away from moisture and dampness
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