Over the years, Happilac Paints has emerged as one of the leading paint manufacturing brands of Pakistan. This was only possible because of the tireless efforts of the entire Happilac team. Happilac Paints has successfully penetrated into the Tajikistan market and has captured enough market share to become one of the country’s leading paint brands. Gathering market share in Tajikistan and Afghanistan has enabled Happilac as a business to further strengthen itself for more international markets. With international distributaries such as these, Happilac takes pride in establishing its existence as a globally acclaimed paint brand that is not limited to the boundaries of its home country.

We believe our vision to penetrate into the international markets of Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East, is an aim that is achievable in the near future. This confidence is fuelled by our impressive production capacity, constantly updated management technologies and reliable resources. Our state-of-the-art facilities and professional team of Research & Development experts enable us to keep up with the fast-evolving global trends and technologies in the coating industry. As our operations are continuously updated, we are able to tackle any coating query from around the globe. We are always on the lookout for lucrative international markets anywhere in the world.

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