Our ConsChem line has been developed for specifically assisting customers in commercial, light industrial, healthcare, hospitality, education, and multi-family industries. For surfaces that demand a greater level of durability, we suggest to our clients that they upgrade to ConsChem products. Each of our products is designed for specific performance and we make sure that our latest products keep on providing solutions for the problems faced by ever-evolving markets.


HI-Grout G-100 It is a premixed cementitious powder formulated as a high-performance water-resistant dry-set mortar. Special HI-Bond T-10, is a grey cementitious powder formulated as a high-performance water-resistant dry set fixing adhesive. HI-Bond C50 Concentrate, An economical tile bond concentrate that exceptionally reinforces the adhesion of a variety of masonry substrates and many more, check those from our product list.



There are times when you don’t understand which product to choose. With Happilac, we have made things a lot easier for you. You can choose the products that suit your needs, based on their distinct features

Happilac Liquid Grout G-200

Happilac liquid Grout G-200 is a general-purpose non-shrinki..

Hi-Grout G-100

Happilac Hi-Grout G-100 is a premixed cementitious powder..

HI-Bond T-10

Happilac Hi-Bond T-10 is a grey cementitious powder formu..