The company has held a paramount position in providing paint-related solutions; both nationally and internationally. The founding father of the company; Khawaja Abdul Razak Sikka (late) established the KARSS Paint Industry (Happilac) in 1978. Since then the company has grown and been refined by the dedication of three generations. Starting with a limited product list, the company now has a highly diversified list of products that are being manufactured in its state-of-the-art production facilities.

The decorative and industrial products offer unique paint solutions and have been praised by all our clients. The company has embraced research and development as a prime pillar which has revolutionized the products in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. At Happilac we have a perfect balance of experience and professionalism which allows us to serve our clientele with unique and innovative paint solutions.



To ensure that the needs of our valued customers/clients are efficiently met, we have divided our business structure into two divisions, each having a diverse product portfolio.

Happilac Paints – Happilac has a colorful past that starts in 1978 and it has since then become one of Pakistan's leading paint manufacturers with a comprehensive product portfolio having architectural coatings, industrial coatings, road marking paints, texture finishes, wood finishes, ancillaries, and protective coatings. Our commitment to innovation and constant development has kept us at the forefront of the paint industry's ever-changing needs over the years. Happilac believes in spreading joy with colors and envisions a bright and colorful future ahead.

Happilac Conschem – Happilac Conschem is a specialized construction chemical division that offers products for surfaces that demand a greater value of durability. We provide high-quality grouts, tile bonds along with other waterproofing solutions to ensure that the best products are used during construction. In a short span of time, we have successfully captured a hefty market share due to the trust of our customers.



At Happilac, our aim is to retain our position as one of the most efficient mainstream paint manufacturers in Pakistan and the wider world. We strive to do this with excellence and innovation in our products and operations. Happilac aspires to be a company that gives back to the community by achieving zero environmental impact. We enjoin the future with the present by bringing ideas of tomorrow to give you luxurious living today.




At Happilac we strongly believe that our employees are the prime source of maintaining our success. Over a period of three generations, we have attached some of the most experienced and innovative minds within the country. Regular training programs are held for our employees to equip them with the latest trends and innovations taking place globally. Our team’s key focus is on creating a comfortable environment for the clients by providing them with excellent assistance and after-sales services. Customer satisfaction is augmented by offering technical awareness regarding each product, including the application process, color advisory, and many other services. Due to our professional teams’ efforts, we are in an esteemed position in the paint industry.


R & D


The research and Development department at Happilac Paints is continuously striving to keep abreast with the latest technical developments in Paint Technology worldwide so as to offer up-to-date technical advice to our customers as well as marketing and sales departments. The R&D lab is fully equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and testing equipment that enhance the reach of our professional staff when it comes to exploring new methods and machinery. R&D is also involved in training the Sales staff in maximizing their effectiveness and ensuring that they are motivated, well informed, and trained in their jobs. Our determination toward R&D has enabled us to cope with the increase in market demand and new challenges. Our plan is to be known as a quality supplier of superior quality products.




Our constant commitment to quality products and unraveled consumer satisfaction is well known in the paints industry. Our productive management system is aligned with our workspace and has allowed us to maintain the quality of both new and old products. The quality control and assurance departments expand their operation to each stage of production, from raw materials testing to finished goods & warehouse storage. All processes go through stringent quality checks. The final product is tested at a dedicated laboratory under strict guidelines that meet international standards. For Happilac to maintain the set quality standards, each new employee goes through a training period in which he or she is made familiar with the standard practices involved in keeping our highest degree of quality.